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We created Face of Indawgyi as a way to use the revenue from sustainable tourism to do different projects around the lake. We are excited to be taking our first steps in tourism by joining with Kasante Travel & Tours in Kachin to launch, a new platform to help make travel across Kachin State simple.

Kasante works to encourage economic development in Kachin State. They are a group of Kachin people and foreigners who are exploring different business and economics ideas in Kachin.  Doing in business Kachin can be difficult, but they believe they can improve the environment throughout Kachin by helping build new business opportunities, create research project and facilitate tourism throughout the region. 

We are offering a range of services from motorbike rentals, transportation and accommodation bookings to guided tours of our favorite local spots. Check out our site and get a taste of life in Kachin. 


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