The Lon Ton Social Impact Guesthouse is the cornerstone of Face of Indawgyi. It will provide new career opportunities that exist nowhere else around the lake. Through partnerships with local families and experienced hospitality trainers, the hotel school will draw in additional foreign and local visitors to the region to effectively prepare the local economy for future growth not only in Lon Ton but around the entire lake. Since July 2017, we have been working towards getting the guesthouse built while beginning projects in our four pillars. 

Company and Guesthouse

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  • Since July 2017 have brought a range of different advisors to the lake ranging from architects, educators, journalists, programmers, researchers, and business experts to help execute different projects .

  • Received 5-year Myanmar DICA company registration in September 2017.

  • Hired Myanmar consultant firm Managed Line with expertise in community-development projects.

  • Found property, surveyed land, created necessary government documents, and paid down payment on property. Fall 2017.

  • Began entering Myanmar under our company visa from November 2017.

Design Concept based on traditional Kachin-style longhouses

Design Concept based on traditional Kachin-style longhouses

  • Became first foreign company registered at lake and established office in December 2017

  • January to February 2018 created full land renderings, architectural framework and site plan with Yangon-based Blue Temple Designs.

  • Completed company profile, government and investor pitch decks, financial projections during first quarter 2018.

  • For the guesthouse employing local craftsman in every aspect from the construction to the textiles for things like sheets and cushions

  • Building a growing social media following publishing content in both Burmese and English to help increase awareness of the lake both in Myanmar and abroad (reached 10k Facebook followers in March 2018!).

Our Office: 

You can find our office in quarter one of Indawgyi City (formerly Lon Ton Village).  We have done numerous construction projections to start developing a relationship with the local craftsmen who will build the Lon Ton Social Impact Guesthouse.  From here, we conduct our various projects as well as organize unique travel experiences for visitors to the lake