Soaking Up Rainy Season


Our favorite time of year has arrived in Indawgyi— Rainy Season. It’s hard to explain to even people who live in Myanmar why we love it so much, but rainy season in Indawgyi is different than it is in other parts of Myanmar. Unlike Yangon and many other regions, we generally don’t get the days of blistering rain that pelts down only to be periodically broken up by a sweltering hot sun and intense humidity.

Instead, it is quite pleasant here overall. The rains tend to be more mild meaning that you can still go out and enjoy things on the lake and in the mountains. Not only that, there are still plenty of sunny days and the visibility is simply amazing. Rainy season also promises a different sunset each day.


Fresh Fruit from the Forests of Indawgyi

Finally, rainy season is a time for fruit. Our friend once said, “In rainy season, you don’t need to pack any snacks to go into the mountains because there is so much fruit.” The crown jewel is by far mangos of which Indawgyi features over ten different varieties. You can also find guava, rambutan, pomelo, dragon fruit and so much more. There’s no better way to rest from a hike in the mountains than by relaxing near one of the rainy falls and snacking on some fresh fruit.

It is easy for travelers or outsiders to view the rains as inconvenient, but they are the central ingredient for the rice fields and as the paddies fill up an entirely new ecosystem is created. The rice fields become a home for birds and fish. It is also a time for contemplation and learning about life at a slower pace.


Taking it All In


When you live at Indawgyi, it is a legitimate excuse to say you couldn’t be somewhere because of the rain. Would you really want to drive a motorbike through the rain across the bumpy and slippery roads? Instead, you wait for the rains to ease up and take a moment to enjoy the stunning scenery around you.