New Project, New Brand

Meetings in Myitkyina, the Kachin State capital, and Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, pulled us away from the lake these past few weeks.  As we wait for our sustainable trashcan order to be completed, we thought it to be ideal timing to pitch our project to eco-minded companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based in Myanmar. But another priority we have is to create a lasting image for the organization, and for this we knew exactly who to go to.

McKenna Kemp, a good friend based in Yangon, is an extremely talented graphic designer who began her professional work in New York City for companies like Warby Parker and Red Antler before moving here. She blends modern design and a deep understanding of Myanmar on a number of projects across the region, and her creative expertise was essential in developing a brand direction for us. 

After a number of phone calls, in-person meetings, and emails, we've come up with something truly awesome. What it required was digging deep about what the name "Face of Indawgyi" means and her words truly capture it:

"Our environment reflects who we are as people - our character, our ‘face’ - and that includes how we treat it. Do we see who we want to be reflected in the water of Indawgyi? Do we see people who care for our environment, our culture, each other? Face of Indawgyi is striving to work towards that goal, and so the logo aims to reflect that."

All these ideas came together when she created our logo:

We're very excited about this being a continuation on the cultural preservation themes of Face of Myanmar while expanding into other great areas such as conservation, education, and economic development. While Face of Myanmar was a specific look into the nation as a whole, this project seeks to get directly involved in a specific area. Our name is both in Burmese and English and, over time, we will produce content in both languages as well as in the languages of the Shan and Kachin in order to truly represent the region as a whole.


Stephen Traina-Dorge